22 Steps to Global Tyranny – By Graham L. Strachan B.Sc., LLB
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22 Steps to Global Tyranny,

By Graham L. Strachan B.Sc., LLB

Introduction by Tony Pitt

Editor – National Interest.


The unions who backed the ALP now realise the ALP is now working against workers. Businessmen who backed the Liberals groan under GST/BAS and income tax as TAX CUTS always TAKE more money from TAXPAYERS, generate more money for government and give less in pensions and medical care. Most farmers now realise that the National have no intention of standing up to the USA when Americans demand access to our markets NOW and promise to PHASE IN fair trade for Australian farmers in 18 years time

A document called the Millennium Declaration was signed between 6-8 September 2000. It commits us to the One World Government, with the UN playing the central role. When they rule we will be slaves. Nearly all of our oil, coal, iron, silver, gold, lead, aluminium, gem and mineral sands are foreign owned. We are left with the hole in the ground. We buy our fuel at well over a dollar a litre when it costs only three cents to produce it. WE pay 60 cents a litre for gas and sell ours to Japan at three cents – because we are locked in to these one sided World Trade Agreements.

Strachan’s final paragraph points out that the reality of world government will not be immediately apparent. It’s implementation will accelerate now the commitment has been made. It will take several years to fully transfer sovereignty from nation-states to global central command.

And so as he says:

“There is a small window of time left in which to protect yourself, your family, your freedom, your assets, your future, and that of your children. By the time you finish reading this book you will know what has to be done.”

Why not get a copy? You can’t afford not to read it!

The book outlines the steps the World Financiers use to achieve World domination. You are seeing history unfold. It is going badly.

CONQUEST, but by stealth and treachery rather than armed force used openly. The armies are there and being used but the nation states are being picked off one by one. Afghanistan, Iraq now. Korea and Columbia are in the sights for armed conquest.

The real success stories are where the politicians are bought and the countries handed over for bribes. Australia handed over 170 tonnes of gold at $240 US an ounce in the few days the gold reached that level. My! My! What a coincidence?


The objective of the globalisation programme is to do away with independent nations and turn them into interdependent member states of a single world Corporatist/Socialist order with a single integrated global economy. This requires governments to implement policies which progressively hand over ownership and control of their national economy, banks, big business and industry, public utilities, and farming sector, to global interests; and to surrender their political, legal, and cultural sovereignty to so-called ‘institutions of global governance’ and ultimately the United Nations world government.

If the program were to be written out as it has to be implemented by national governments, it would look something like this:


STEP 1: National governments will relinquish control of their money, float their currency, and remove all controls over the flow of money into and out of the country.

STEP 2: National government will continue the practice of borrowing from the international bankers to finance their affairs.

STEP 3: National governments will depend on international investment for all future development.

STEP 4: National governments will ensure international (not national) ownership of their banks and financial institutions by Transnational corporations and global investors.

STEP 5: National governments will wind back spending on welfare and social programs, including education and health.


STEP 6: National governments will ensure international (not national) ownership of their industries, and business by Transnational corporations (TNCs) and global investors.

STEP 7: National governments will remove all impediments to the activities of TNCs and global investors in exploiting their resources including human resources.

STEP 8: National governments will abolish all measures, including exemptions under Trade Practices legislation, which protect or assist small/medium sized nationally-owned business.

STEP 9: National governments will abolish all forms of protection (tariffs, import restrictions, subsidies) for local industries.


STEP 10: National governments will dis-empower unions, abolish wage fixation, and allow their labour forces to compete in an unregulated global labour market.


STEP 11: National governments will sell all publicly-owned government-run enterprises and public utilities to TNCs and global investors.


STEP 12: National governments will ensure international (not national) ownership of farms by Transnational agribusiness corporations (TNCs) and global investors.

STEP 13: National governments will adopt policies of producing for export, and importing for local consumption.

STEP 14: National governments will abolish all forms of protection (tariffs, import restrictions, subsidies) for locally-owned farms.

STEP 15: National governments will enter into agreements with international bodies which hand over ownership and control of their countries’ natural resources.


STEP 16: National governments will sign multilateral treaties at the United Nations which surrender their political and legal sovereignty.

STEP 17: National governments will adopt policies of ‘regionalism’ and ‘multiculturalism’, and other policies which will eventually eliminate national borders, culture, and identity, and create global citizens.

STEP 18: National governments will agree to implement globally determined environmental, social and cultural programs in their country.


STEP 19: National governments will wind back their national armed forces to levels sufficient only to subdue their own people and participate in ‘global peacekeeping’ activities as required by the UN.

STEP 20: National governments will disarm their own citizens so there can be no armed resistance to globalisation.

STEP 21: National governments will maintain a working relationship with their local media who will divert attention from these developments until they are too far progressed to be reversed.

STEP 22: National governments will agree to ultimately surrender their own sovereignty and take direction from the World Government.

This book is perhaps the simplest explanation of what is going on behind the scenes in Australian Politics. It explains how Australia, under the guiding hands of the ALP/Dem/Lib/Nat/Greens, has gone from the highest standard of living in the world to number 23 and GOING DOWN.

It is available ($14.95 posted) from:

Graham Strachan,
PO Box 131
Phone (07) 5546 9210
Email: bizbrief @ overflow.net.au

Get a copy! Go straight to the end on page 90 and read the final STEP 22:


Much of the following information been extracted from the book:

G L O B A L I S A T I O N (2001 Edition)


By Graham L. Strachan B.Sc., LLB.

This book is out of print, but Strachan’s latest book ’22 Steps to Global Tyranny’ is available for $14.95. Address: PO Box 131, Jimboomba, QLD, 4280. This book really is essential reading. The attachment is a review by the late Tony Pitt.

Some recent history:

Globalisation is the most audacious bid for wealth and power ever attempted in world history. It is on such a scale that few even recognise it for what it is. We hear constantly from the minority of ‘winners’ that the benefits are there – the ‘ordinary’ folk are just too stupid to see them. But if globalisation was as good as it is claimed to be, it would have sold itself by now – and it hasn’t.

Since the Lima Agreement in 1975 hundreds of international treaties have been signed, taking us into globalisation without a referendum or any real debate. Much of the discussion has been in secret – confirmed by a government document in May 1998 which in part stated: “.…the MAI currently being negotiated in secret by the Australian Government at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development….” (emphasis added).

The secrecy surrounding the MAI or Multilateral Agreement on Investment was worldwide – it was supposed to be signed sealed and delivered to the OECD by May 1988 without the people of the world noticing. French activists posted a leaked draft copy on the Internet. Anti-MAI groups sprang up everywhere including Australia and the plot was foiled, at least for the time being.

The OECD is a sort of rich nations’ club, set up mainly to make it easier for TNCs (Transnational Corporations). Our government intended to give TNCs and global investors a free hand in Australia. It would be illegal to refuse entry to any TNC. No restrictions could be imposed, such as minimum wage requirements or number of Australians to be employed, or safety standards etc. Everything favoured the TNCs.

When the secrecy was exposed, the government quickly pointed out that exceptions were to be allowed and they were seeking them for 28 industries. They did not mention that any exceptions agreed to could not be changed or added to, and in fact would be phased out after 20 years. So in effect there were no real exceptions.

Our government had always had the right to limit and control such investment. Suddenly they intended to sign that right away. One wonders why? In effect the MAI would allow the TNCs and global investors to treat the country as their own, do as they pleased and sue the Australian government if it tried to interfere in any way.

Some indications were given by a former High Court Judge, Sir Anthony Mason at the opening of a Melbourne Convention on 2 nd March 1998. He stated that the negotiations with the OECD were being conducted in secret. He said “….at the end of the day it is possible that the terms will be set in concrete leaving Australia with very limited choices to make; the effective choices having been made by Treasury and Federal Cabinet during the course of the unpublished negotiations.”

Sir Anthony referred to ‘demise of the nation state’ and warned the MAI was part of a larger process that involved handing over sovereignty.

We are supposed to believe that globalisation is another name for trade liberalisation. World trade has been going on for 10,000 years and free trade was official British policy 200 years ago. The verb ‘global’ means to ‘make global’. What is being made global? Ownership of the world’s economic assets and resources is the answer! The old world economy of nation states trading with each other for mutual benefit is being transformed into a single integrated global economy trading within itself for the benefit of the new owners – TNCs and global investors.

Hence globalisation means the end of independent nations and independent nationally-based economies. Nations have to gradually transfer ownership and control of banks, financial institutions, public utilities, labour forces, farming sectors and natural resources from their own citizens to TNCs and global investors.

Under our government but without reference to the people, Australia elected to globalise voluntarily, hence the mad rush of the last two decades to reverse many of our policies and sell off almost the entire country to achieve the result. TNCs and foreign investors have now literally taken us over. They are protected by our government, to the detriment of the people.

In 1997 the government relinquished control over banking, insurance, asset management and stock broking industries. Control of Australia’s four main banks was signed away under the fifth protocol of GATS. An agency was set up to guarantee TNCs and foreign investor’s reimbursement for losses such as if the government decided to seize assets, confiscate funds or tax their profits.

Step 22 of the 22 Steps to Global Tyranny mentioned above states:


A document known as the Millennium declaration was signed at the UN Headquarters in New York 6-8 September 2000. Under international law this document is legally binding on the nations that signed it, and it was indeed signed by our government’s representative. And so our sovereignty has been handed over to the UN, an unelected body, without our permission or even our knowledge. Needless to say, the language was deliberately designed to conceal the real nature of what had been done.

The full text of the Declaration is at www.un.org

It will take a little time for the full affects of the declaration to become obvious, i.e. to fully transfer sovereignty from nation-states to global central control. Seven years have elapsed already.

No government would have been elected on a platform which allowed it to achieve the globalisation of Australia – particularly if globalisation had been fully defined, and discussed, in the first instance; and if the people had been made aware of the fact we will eventually lose our sovereignty.

The threat of this coming loss of sovereignty is not exaggerated. On page 20, “Demise of the Australian Nation”, Strachan states:

“Globalists try to deny that the handover of control of national affairs to institutions of global governance involves a surrender of national sovereignty. That too is nonsense. Even the Prime Minister let slip that it does. In an interview with Dennis Shanahan of the Australian newspaper, published on 13 June 1988, Prime Minister Howard admitted to “the difficulty of being in government in a globalised economy where there is a loss of sovereignty….” It might be added that Mr. Howard’s own government is responsible to a large extent for creating that ‘difficulty’.

Irrespective of the party in power, Globalisation has been achieved – behind a screen of secrecy, lies and half truths; and with the help of a complicit media and a couple of phoney economic theories.

It benefits the elite and those in the upper income bracket. As our globalist masters get their way ( e.g. the IR laws) the standard of living of the rest of Australia will reduce. Another example is the shortage of skilled labour due to reversal of earlier policies which has led to importation of skilled workers – some cheap, some on standard rates.

WE HAVE BEEN CONNED! We think we are living in a ‘democracy. NOT SO! Federal and State Parliaments are made up of members chosen by the parties, not the people. Party members must obey the party line or lose their endorsement. There are a few independents, but over the years we have seen them cave in under pressure and betray their electors. Our ‘democratic’ government has secretly led us into Globalism with probably only a few cabinet members ‘in the know’.

Thus Liberal and Labor have both betrayed us. Howard is a puppet under control of the New World Order (Globalism). Rudd would have to fall in line and not alter the basics if he became P.M.

We cannot alter the system by changing the major party. Apart from minor window dressing there is no fundamental difference. Both parties are on the same track. Both parties have promoted the cause of the Globalists during their terms in office. The two party system is not “government by the people for the people”.

To reclaim the future for our children and grandchildren, we must get enough committed independent candidates elected to have an influence on the present course of government.

Independent MPs, committed to serving the people, are the only hope we have for a change in direction.

BUT most people write off Independent Candidates – mainly because:-

1. They follow family tradition – Liberal or Labour.

2. They do not know the extent to which we have been betrayed.

3. Those who do know, probably do not realize enough Independents could force a change in direction.

It is time to concede our present system has failed us badly.

It is time to admit we have been conned into thinking we live in a democracy.

It is time to start looking for honest independent candidates who if elected, will be committed to serving the people whom they represent.

If you are worried about the future of this country for your children and grandchildren, and if you fall into one of the above categories, then it is time to rethink your voting strategy. Many of us have given up and just vote to avoid the penalty. We regard it as a waste of time because we cannot alter the situation.

This need not be so!

Fundamentally, if enough of us vote for committed independent candidates, then we can make a change.

It is time to get away from the two party system and allow the country to be run the way most people would like to see it run.


The electoral process – ‘two party preferred’ – is designed to keep the two party system going indefinitely, SO…………


i.e. Lib/Lab/Nats AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HEAP and outwit them!


Folks — when you vote — make your vote count best by filling out your ballot slip in the following manner :

Suppose there are six candidates —

Put the candidate you want to elect as number 1.

Put any Labor or Liberal or National party candidates as 6 (last), then 5 (second last), then 4.

Work back up the list through 3 then 2 and back to your number 1.

Why ??

Because it is the preference system which is working against you getting who you want into the parliament.

If you could leave the Lab/Lib/Nat candidates off the paper it would be better — but you cannot — it makes your vote INVALID.

So — put your candidate as number 1 then work backwards — it’s the next best option and keeps your vote valid.


Be sure your independent is genuinely committed to representing the WILL of the ELECTORS, NOT a party, and is opposed to the insane rush into globalisation. There could well be Lib/Lab/Nats or new minor parties posing as independent, but ready to betray us after the election.


The SAVE AUSTRALIA ALLIANCE is an Australia wide movement formed by the late Tony Pitt specifically to find and support Independent candidates. Also to support minor parties (a) with similar aims, and (b) allowing elected members to vote as requested by their electorate.

Our PATRON is Tony Pitt’s widow Mrs Pat Pitt, in QLD.
patopitt @ bigpond.net.au

Our website is: www.SaveAustraliaAlliance.com.au

State co-ordinators can be contacted as under:-

W.A. – Merv Turner

mervturn @ westnet.com.au

N.S.W. – Lynn Stanfield

lansview37 @ hotmail.com

S.A. – George Merritt

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TAS. – Ray Escobar