Bond tracking number on birth certificate

Steps to see how much Wall Street thinks you are worth:
Click on Research.
Click on Quote.
Click on Symbol Look Up.
Type in the Birth Number on the Birth Certificate, the first three numbers.
Make sure the top two areas say MUTUAL FUND and FUND NUMBER BEFORE You do the search to find out who is trading on the FUND for the Birth Certificate.

Unanswered questions:
1. What exactly is the number on the back (front) of my Birth Certificate?
2. Why is it not identified as to its function?
3. Is it a ‘bond tracking’ number?
4. If so, when was a bond generated?
a) Who generated it?
b) Did they enjoy informed consent?
5. What is the value of the bond, assuming there is one?
6. Who owns title to that bond?
7. Does that bond generate revenue?
8. Does my pledge, promise, oath or obligation, support the bond, if there is one?
9. If yes, when did I pledge, promise or make oath?
10. If there is no money in my bond generating revenue, who stole my money?
11. Who initially put money in the bond?
12. Is interest paid on that bond?
13. If so, to whom and how much interest is paid?
14. Does the revenue generated by the bond, if there is any, form part of the ‘Federal Transfer Payments’ the Federal and Provincial levels of government bicker over?
15. Would either level of representation have the right to control or access those payments if they were not acting as a representative?
16. To who do those Federal Transfer Payments actually belong?
17. Is there a fiduciary over the bond?
18. If so who is it?
a) If not does this mean NO ONE is in charge of the bond?
19. Is it true we have the right to deny consent to be represented and thus governed?
20. Has your hand been ‘in the cookie jar’?

To the government and Wall Street:
Please answer these questions as herein directed. Many people want and need to know the answers to these simple questions. If you cannot or will not answer them, all must conclude that you are grossly incapable of representing me, and appropriate and lawful steps will then be taken.