Fascism–American Style by Damon Vrabe

Since we’re stuck in a monetary system that allows a tiny private sector clique to control everything (business, government, military, non-profits, schools, families, etc) by putting everyone else in debt, we’ve been living in financial dictatorship for a long time.  It has been a soft PR dictatorship of Hickey-Freeman suits and Sax 5th Avenue ties, Harvard pedigrees and fratboy schmarm.  But hard dictatorship has been coming out of hiding for several years, especially since 2001.  Not only can the money powers steal trillions from the masses to hand over to themselves, but they can suck the military into conquering poor countries that aren’t subject to their usury vortex system, build Homeland to spy on Americans, and have the CIA assassinate US citizens.

There is no question that full-blown fascism is planned for the supposed land of the free as they try to move us into the new global system.  And all the Republicans blaming Obama for it, just like the Democrats who blamed Bush, need to stop being suckers and realize how the politicians are not in charge.  The money powers knew 100 years ago they couldn’t subject their wealth and power to the whims of mass political opinion…they learned well from the Teddy Roosevelt days.  Ever since, they have built increasing control into the system.

Blame the politicians?  Absolutely…each administration takes an incremental step for the money powers.  But don’t get suckered into believing a politician from your side of the aisle playing the same old game of flipping between left and right is going to change anything.  We’ve been sold on parties just like we’ve been sold on Coke vs. Pepsi–they’re the same.

Find leaders who know their neighbors, who understand the mechanics of a republic vs. empire, who understand the power of those who control all money in our system, rather than repeatedly voting for unhappy, addictive Harvard/Yale elitists who get a rush out of “system managing” the masses for the money powers.  Any narcissist who thinks one dude in a distant white house can system manage 308,000,000 people should never come close to actually being in that white house. But that’s who we’ve put in that house for the last several decades.

Luckily people are now breaking free of the PR programming.  The choice isn’t left vs. right.  It is big vs. small, republic vs. empire.

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