Mankind has freewill to do anything. Claim a Darwin award or discover electricity.

If what we do is not in harmony with nature then we will harm our body and mind. Nature’s design is perfect. Every organ carefully made, positioned and interrelated to all the systems within the body. The anus is not designed to be a sexual organ and homosexuality is not in harmony with nature. Nature is about creation and sex between male and female are at its core. The greatest act of creativity is to create life. To have integrity we must be in harmony with nature.

The rulers of our society try to keep us confused, ignorant, through specialisation, and divided. As long as we look to nature for truth we can not go far astray. Human beings disrespect for nature is only exceeded by their greed, fear and ignorance.
Please note the “green” language, harm/harmony.

Did I hear anyone say that the body is not perfect. It is much more than perfect. It continually renews its self, develops an immune system, notifies us when there is a problem. You are what you eat and you become what you think. The brain is the largest sex organ in the body.

Come to think of it, is there any integrity at all remaining in the artificial world of man?
is there integrity in banking, medicine, farming, legal system, schooling of children, military, government…. It would become a very looooong list.

Is contaminating our drinking water with toxins in harmony with nature?
is poisoning the life in the soil ie the immune system of plants in harmony with nature?
is spraying chemicals in the air we breathe in harmony with nature?
is injecting metals in to our body with vaccination in harmony with nature?
this too can become a very looooong list.!

It hurts my mind to think there are individuals that chose to prohibit, under threat of violence, anyone from having part of nature’s plant kingdom.

There are two worlds in which we can live. The natural world of nature and the artificial world of man. If man stopped maintaining his creations, protecting them from corroding / decay they would disappear. Why? If they were part of nature they would already be everywhere to be found. The artificial world is a lie. Only nature holds the truth.

But we are blessed with willful creative power and as long as what humans create is in harmony with nature the consequences will be small however consequences can be very harmful if we do not act with wisdom. For example the automobile. Driving and other mechanical slaves relieve humans from having to exert themselves leading to a decline over time of their physiology unless they remember to exercise and stretch their muscles daily.