We form our reality from the interpretation of our five senses.  There are no contradictions in nature.

The words we use to describe reality (- that which is – the truth) are known as general grammar.

Definition of existence (or reality):  Reality/Existence is every substance, action, relationship, and attribute which is, was, or ever will be.

  1. This sentence describes the ENTIRETY of language, inclusive of Aristotle’s Ten Categories of Being (relates to proofs of that which exists, i.e “reality&rdquo.
  2.  Now re-read the sentence, replacing the words with the Grammar equivalents:
  3. “Reality/Existence is every noun, verb, adjective/adverb, and prepositional phrase/conjunction that is, was, or ever will be.”

Unreality is where we use abstractions to discuss concepts model ideas and if we are successful in removing contradictions it is likely that the abstraction can become reality ie be physically manifested. .i.e be recognized/interpreted by our senses.

The natural law principle of mentalism,  for some thing to be manifested in reality is must first exist as a thought.