How to FREE Your Mind: The Occulted Keys of Wisdom

Trivium Resources useful to the Peace Revolution curriculum:

1. How To Free Your Mind (published as Peace Revolution episode 023), including transcript

2. 5-page summaryof the Trivium method of critical thinking and creative problem solving (also embedded below for your convenience)

3. Gene Odening’s “Cliff Notes” on the Trivium method of critical thinking and creative problem solving

4. “The Lost Tools of Learning” by Dorothy Sayers (Oxford lecture illustrating how the loss of the trivium method leads to a population without intellectual self-defense)

5. List of Fallacies (If the figurative “virus” is the use of words to deceive people, then, fallacies act as “virus definitions” for your mind, which is your “virus scanner”.)

6. The Trivium Method vs. Other Methods (Doctors, Engineers, and other Professionals, use a compartmentalized and diluted version of the Trivium.)

7. Trivium Education dot com, a website built by Jan Irvin and hosted by Gnostic Media, to facilitate autodidactic students of reality in their own search for truth.

8. Trivium Interviews: These are interviews posted to Trivium Education, which pertain to the illustration of the Trivium method of critical thinking and creative problem solving.

9. The Definition of Liberal: Before starting Gnostic Media, Jan Irvin used to work at the L.A. Times, during his time there- he wrote this article- which is quite useful in learning about liberty.

10. Black’s Law Dictionary: This is a resource which provides a starting point of defining terms, which is the first step in enacting intellectual self-defense against those who would use words to own you.

11. The Personal Brain: This is a resource which helps you to organize data, in formation, identifying individual subject points and removing the contradictions- leaving you with an accurate map of reality. The free version of the Personal Brain will do everything you need to produce models just as we do; you only need the for-pay licenses when you publish the models online, as we do, and thus we have owned a professional license to this software for many years.
Trivium 5-Page Summary:
Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving