“Music is innate in us. Music is part of the fabric of humanity. There is currently no music education anywhere in the world.” Must again become part of education and culture.

Where does music come from? “It is very difficult to talk about music because music expresses itself in sound. Therefore you can not describe it with words. If I could explain to you or someone could explain to me the fifth symphony of Beethoven we would not need to play it. The fact that we play it because this is the fifth symphony of Beethoven. When we talk about music we talk about our reaction to music rather than the music itself.”

Music, an escape from reality? Another dimension of music says Conductor Daniel Barenboim, Sigmund Freud said that music rather creates a bigger reality.

“A great piece of music is like a whole life, it deals in sounds with problems of mankind …. You have everything you have in human life. You have conflict, love, strategy, possibility to develop ideas,” he explains.

“.. to be a politician you have to be the master of compromise, to be an artist you have to do everything except compromise” “music making, in its highest form is the art of most resistance not evade the problems but really solve the essence of them”

In order to have a dialogue based on music you need to be educated in music.

“what is music, how is music actually written, you have rhythm, that everyone understands. Harmony is already more a little difficult and there is counter point. The nature of music is for me, therefore, the nature of the human being. I say something and you comment on it or agree with it or disagree with it. It is always a dialogue and in music you can have a dialogue much better than in real life because in a verbal conversation, I speak and you listen, then you speak and I listen, in music everyone talks at the same time.”