Human Immortality

Contrary to the systemic presumption underlying the policy of Adam Smith and today’s British monarchy, the essential truth is, that, contrary to the political doctrine of the Obama administration, mankind is not an animal to be slaughtered, or starved to death when the person is sick or old; men and women represent a higher order of creature than all of the beasts. This is a quality of that spirit of a living human individual which, only briefly, inhabits a specifically human biological form. The human mind which inhabits a mortal body, is a truly immortal being, one which, although it, ironically, occupies a living body temporarily, has a power of creativity, a power of creating ideas of that special quality which we associate with such expressions as “the human soul.”

These are expressions such as commitment to the immortal efficiency of discoveries of universal physical principles, principles of action, embodied in the living expression of Classical artistry and physical science, which live on, acting efficiently, when the body of the author of that discovery had been long deceased. Every moment of a creative living soul, is a precious expression of what is immortal in what it represents or, at least, represents potentially, as in no other kind of living creature yet known to mankind. Never relent, until the matter is made right. There is no tolerable substitute for a truthful decision in matters of principle, a lesson of a principle which many courts have yet to show that they have learne