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By Avalon
March 7, 2012

Two Australian Inventors, Brinsmead mechanical engineer John Christie and Edge Hil electrician Lou Brits have manufactured a revolutionary Magnetic Motor capable of generating up to 400% more power than is required to drive the motor.

No, this is not science fiction; this is a new technology that scientists and inventors have experimented with for some time. Disclaimer: This article is only a report on these events.

There is natural power in magnets (magnetism) that basically has tremendous power if applied in a way that takes advantage of the electric flux that magnets produce.

In fact, the inventor of the first electric motor is Nicola Tesla who understood that opposing magnetic forces generated by electric current would enable a shaft with magnets in a particular configuration, would rotate the shaft.

For researchers, the patent for Nicola Tesla’s Electric Motor is at the USPTO. The incredible history of Nicola Tesla is still being researched, but it is a fact that Tesla’s dealings with J. P. Morgan led to his demise.

Tesla was also an opponent of Thomas Edison’s Direct Current for supplying power to industry and the population. In a fairly recent legal battle, the recognition for inventing Wireless Power Transmission and Radio was awarded to Nicola Tesla.

There’s a remarkable amount of history surrounding Nicola Tesla and Energy Generation and how J. P. Morgan defeated the potential public energy system that Nicola envisioned.

These facts and more articles on why energy is so important are forthcoming. The fact is basically that the New World Order operates by controlling three essential parts of everyone’s life – Energy, Money & Resources.

Free-Energy will be the Destruction of the New World Order

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By 1886, the Westinghouse Company was one of the biggest and most successful in the entire world.

Westinghouse was a Protestant Christian gentleman and totally unlike the robber barons of that era….His motto was the golden rule, and his employees shared in the success of his company.

He believed in doing his good works in secret, and many charities throughout the country were helped by his largess.

He offered to buy all the AC patents from Tesla for the staggering sum of 1 million dollars cash and royalties of $1.00 per horsepower of electricity produced.

Unlike Edison, George Westinghouse was a man of his word, and offered Tesla a staggering sum for all his AC patents:

So favorably impressed was Westinghouse that he decided to act quickly. The story was related to the author by Tesla.
“I will give you one million dollars cash for your alternating current patents, plus royalty,” Westinghouse blurted at the startled Tesla. This tall, suave gentleman, however, gave no outward sign that he had almost been bowled over by surprise.

“If you will make the royalty one dollar per horsepower, I will accept the offer,” Tesla replied.

“A million cash, a dollar a horsepower royalty,” Westinghouse repeated.

“That is acceptable,” said Tesla.

“Sold,” said Westinghouse. “You will receive a check and a contract in a few days.”

Here was a case of two great men, each possessed with the power of seeing visions of the future on a gigantic panorama, and each with complete faith in the other, arranging a tremendous transaction with utter disregard of details. (O’Neill, Prodigal Genius, pp. 74-75).

The decision to give the world alternating current put George Westinghouse on a collision course with Morgan and Edison.

Excerpt from Nikola Tesla—The Man Who Electrified The World


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Nikola Tesla—The Man Who Electrified The World!!


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