Continuous virus checking of the mind by way of self criticism, challenging ones beliefs, assumptions, conditioning, veracity of acquired book knowledge, perceptions and world view.

The human mind is born free and independent. One mind can not do much on its own.

Freedom and collaboration with others above all is what a humans need to help release their creative potential.

Purpose, passion and imagination and the concept of the immortally of minds.
Failed attempts at solution strengthen the mind.

Mind control and perception management that are the hallmarks of contolled corporate media. Too many minds are damaged this way.

The corrupt financial, legal and political systems that distort / skew human behaviour in many different ways.

“The mind is precious one does not concentrate the mind an anything. However, one submits questions to the mind for consideration.”

Are our minds ever alone? Creative minds interact with many other minds both living and immortal, 24 / 7. The mind is like the heart never stops. Need proper nourishment to function well.

The open source movement.

By the way, it does not matter if the Internet is filled with both true and false ideas. Let the mind, data mine the information field, to bathe in information. The mind is a mighty powerful force if we learn to use it.