Truth exists it is a matter of discovery.  Ask questions, apply logic, say it as it is. Do not conform.

It is certain, that unanswered questions one has had over the years may
have left the conscience mind and rests in the sub-conscience waiting
answers. When those questions are answered the resulting clarity of mind is a
great joy.

REALITY -as provided by PR, media, education, deception, destruction of evidence,

REALITY – as provided by FOI, investigation, deduction, whistle blowing, evidence.






I am super impressed how powerful propaganda can be. There are
techniques we can use to free us from such mind control.
One does not need to believe anything, until one has to act on
information. But one should freely consider all information especially
if it challenges our firmly held beliefs!

There is no propaganda on the Internet, just lots of information.
Propaganda is filtered information and miss-information only found in
corporate controlled media and publishing houses. When they start
filtering the Internet then it will be propaganda once more.
Propaganda presents only the view intended, spoon fed to the unthinking
populace. I have drawn a picture and attached it.
“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read the
newspaper, you’re miss-informed.” – Mark Twain
I see things differently today than I did when I was younger. Perhaps
it is the result of life experiences.
It is certain that unanswered questions one has had over the years may
have left the conscience mind and rests in the sub-conscience awaiting
answers. When those questions are answered the resulting clarity of mind is a
great joy.

In the same way, I wanted to ask my mother more about life when she was
young. About the war time and her grand parents and relatives and so
on. Most information is not sitting on the tip of ones tongue but the
memories can be aroused given time and patients.
As John Keats wrote;
“The only means of strengthening one’s intellect, is to make up one’s
mind about nothing — to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all

It is certain, that unanswered questions one has had over the years may > have left the conscience mind and rests in the sub-conscience waiting > answers. When those questions are answered the resulting clarity of mind is a > great joy. >

In many ways, I could not agree more – but I expect my agreement may be on a parallel track! Bear with me – all will become clear…..

> I am thinking about creating a web site where I show the two parallel realities side by side. >

That would indeed be an interesting site…. in a nutshell, brainwashing vs reality. In a way it is what i do with Unspun, though my version is not so ambitious!

I see Unspun as operating at two levels – one is to inform aware people like yourself, open to gather more info about the world; another is to inform UNaware people – or at least give them an opportunity to Think. The third – the vast majority – are sheeple, brainwashed and baaaaaing their way to the abattoir killing floor in blissful ignorance… and of course, they don’t read anything non-MSM anyway!

> The reality formed by our media, schooling, banking, politics etc > > and the parallel reality known by FOI, investigation, deduction, whistle blowing, evidence. > > You missed a third reality option – which is my preferred idea, and the one I’d bet on in this race.

Have you come across any site that does this? >

No, not specifically. There are plenty of sites giving non-MSM news, but few of those I regard as gospel – a lot of them are actual mis-information sites, courtesy of Big Brother; some are designed to promote the PTB, some are designed simply to create a mass of information that is conflicting and confusing, and some are well-intentioned but ill-informed.

You do of course get the occasional genuine, worthwhile one; and even then they can get ‘stung’ …. I have, and I know others with whom I correspond (Michael Knight would be a good example) have as well. It happens. The key is to get to know the authors of the articles ….then you at least know for sure what is most likely to be genuine. John Pilger, indeed, any of the authors I use caps for in Unspun – they can be taken as near gospel. There is sometimes good stuff on blogs – but here you fall down to 1 in 1000 is worth it! I’ve been doing Unspun for over 10 years now, and I still get stung, but I do have some idea of the traps!!

So, I would presume that the aim / intent of your site would be very similar to the aims of unspun …. to inform the open-minded. (Because you sure as hell won’t inform the closed-minded anyway!)

Now, a look at my #1 horse in this race ………………….

I have to start off in the negative to explain. And it is pretty damn brutal!

The planet has become unsustainable. Due to pollution, over-farming, over fertilising, over-fishing, and over-populating, it simply cannot continue as is.

This is further aggravated by TPTB – there is, beyond any doubt, a covert ruling clique who dominate the entire planet. That is a conclusion i have reached completely independently, just looking at effect and probable cause. Who are they? They are multi-levelled, like any stratified organisation. National governments are a fairly low level. The Bilderberg meetings attendees give a better idea; they are (in spite of appearances) a rung up the ladder. The leaders of those meetings are yet another rung up. Then there is another layer, that we can maybe call a ‘continental’ layer. (I’m not sure how China and India fit in here….. but I am sure they do).

Above them? I could make an educated guess, but it is a guess. Above that again? Yeah – good question.

OK – now for the good news.

At present, there is absolutely nothing the average man-in-the-street can do about the situation. (Mostly because he has been entrained to THINK he is powerless, and that makes him powerless …. neat trick, eh?)

So, what are the options for this unsustainable planet now?

Two. Regain sustainability, or total destruction.

If the ‘total destruction’ option materialises, then we are ALL in the sh*t anyway, so have another beer and start smoking again.

How can we regain sustainability? WE, as being a part of the whole?

Well, we DO have the power to do something about it, if only we (a) believed that and (b) knew how! But since we don’t, then we are passengers, and have to abide by the wisdom, abilities, and decisions of the captain and the navigator on this ship, I guess……

Who or what is that? Well, here we reach a disputable area. But as you have observed, there is information (in all fields) and there is dis-information in all fields as well. In looking at many many many areas of esoteric information, and rejecting nearly all of them, I have distilled the whole lot down to a small handful of sources that seem to me to have the scientific as well as the historical information down pat enough to prognosticate from. THAT is where I hang my hat.

We all have energy fields radiating from the electrical aspects of our bodies. (If you doubt that, think of EEGs, ECGs, and so on – what are they measuring? Current flow. And ALL current flow is accompanied by a magnetic field.)

The Earth has a magnetic field too. And the Sun – that’s the heliosphere. What happens when magnetic fields interact? Electricity, is one answer! (Attached is a .pdf that I wrote recently……. takes it deeper and wider, and includes some interesting information…..)

Could be that in practically ruining the Earth’s body and therefore field, there will be some interesting interactions coming up – soon…..

Suffice to say, NASA is warning of the potential for HUGE EM flares from the Sun, soon. We ARE crossing the Galactic equator, and historically, little though we know of things that far back, (26,000 years) that has always been a passage regarded with trepidation by Earth’s inhabitants. The warming that we are experiencing is occurring as we cross the G.E. – the galactic accretion ring of dust and debris that we are passing through – is occurring throughout the entire Solar system. (TPTB know this – the carbon tax is just a racket to extract loot and distract the sheeple )

So – you warm a planet, you get some very ‘interesting’ weather, and you also get planetary expansion as well ….. oooops, earthquakes, volcanos, higher pressures within the earth (reported from oil fields all over) ….. and you get anomalous cooling as part of that weather model …. and you get circumstances that are going to be very hazardous for life on that planet.

Add the effect on the Sun will aggravate things nicely for the planets. And a flare that will destroy all electrical components on the face of the planet will effectively damn near wipe out our so device-dependent civilisation.

In other words, and in a nutshell, I think the overall situation has gone WAY beyond propaganda and reality, and will very soon take care of itself …. in fact it has already started to. The tensions are rising on every hand, headed for war, famine – heck, the proverbial Four Horsemen! When the Sun lets fly, and the quakes step up even more than they have already, and the fear grips the politicians and the sheeple and sends them insane (er)……

Eeeek? (Hey – I’m about to become a Grandad – don’t think I enjoy this ….. )

But – there is an amazing consensus happening as well. Which perhaps has something to do with DNA ….. see the attachment!

How does that tie in with your proposed web page? Perhaps I’m saying that while I share your ideas in that area, I now rather suspect it is too late. So I am turning to trying to reach open-minded people with information that will create an understanding (and thus remove fear) of what we may be facing as a race, and as a planet. Human evolution, given a kick in the bum by energetic input form the sun as we cross the galactic equator. To the unexpectant and the uninformed, that in itself will be a very scary experience! But what an exciting one ……

Go with your gut, mate. We are all doing what we are meant to be doing in these exciting times – the bottom line is how and why do you want to influence people? What can you achieve, to the greater benefit of all?