water, energy, food, transport, shelter

Transition to a Future similar to the Venus project.

Be the change you want to see.

We know where we are and we know we can be. We need consensus by the affected group as to where we want to be.
This can be done by creating the system that will attract the group.

Remove, claim as common rights, the oligarchic (ie crown land of the British Commonwealth, A class shares) ownership of land and resources.

Therefore redistribution of ownership required.

Society to set maximum size of assets according to normal distribution.

Also maximum size of farms, enterprises.

Necessary to remove the artificial distortion in the normal distribution.

Open source, decentralise, non pyramid system.

People are born free and independent.

Create the awareness of an alternative system (first prototype) and communicate it.

Everyone must have ownership (benefit from) in the “dream” the goal

Define the goal clearly.

Belief, (courage, honesty, compassion and self compassion, mutual benefit ) is a very powerful force and needs to exist to drive the creative process.

by example build the future that people will desire inspite of competition.

Reduce the need for money by having competing money systems


Pollution control.

Resource based economy.

Parents to guide children

Computer games guide young.

Transition time frame. (P J Merola)